The presence of man on earth over time, has left its mark and each society has created various elements that are a clear indication of the personality and world view in which heavily influenced the customs that accompany their lives , so the various creations that spring from different people or companies have great value because it is itself a representation of culture and history of man, and with such high value items, we present a science that seeks to study the different societies through different materials or elements that have endured over time and which are clear evidence of ancient societies and archeology is a science that seeks to understand more thoroughly on the various societies of the past through the remains of things that these companies were and that with the passage of time and still remain very useful as objects of study and research. We must bear in mind that archeology is not a mere auxiliary science of history, but an autonomous social science, with a proper ampo study, with scientific methods that allow themselves to proper compliance with the purposes you are looking for archeology. Giving a more precise concept about archeology, we can say that science studies to humans through different cultural materials which generated the old social groups, to ensure that the data are useful, conducting a systematic study of material remains, where not only plays an important role in whether the material element, but much attention is paid to the psychological elements that are inside the wreckage, ie the content of the thought of who owned the remaining material is under study. So with the material element and its implicit value of the characteristics of thinking of ancient societies have turned to archeology as a science that seeks to rebuild the lives of ancient societies. The development of archeology has been largely linked to studies on the prehistory and antiquity, since these periods of History does not have very clear some aspects of how society is set and features that accompany their lives, along with the search for material remains very satisfactory since, despite not having very good instruments in these times, are excellent remains, shown great ability of societies of those times. Notwithstanding the foregoing, archeology today has expanded its search ampo therefore changed its vision to stage more recent history such as medieval times, the modern industrial age and in a small amount to remnants of the current era of mankind, but what little archeology develops in response to the present time, is investigated municipal waste, which is called industrial archeology..

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