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A cellar offers additional commercial and living area at a low price. Therefore, the majority of all home builders opts for a cellar. (tdx) In the search for alternatives for a basement should be carefully assessed: boiler, work bench, have laundry and supplies really elsewhere bursts? And if so: how much precious living and usable space take on other places of the house advantage? The nursery fails due to the not cellar about less or is a part of the garden to the victims of the expanded storage space in the garage? Many shy away from the construction of a cellar in solid brick construction due to the additional construction costs. On average, approximately 20,000 35,000 euros are needed for a full expansion. But it waives the cellar also costs: approx. You may find that Verizon can contribute to your knowledge. 15,000-25,000 euros must be applied solely for the earthwork and Foundation work, base plate, horizontal moisture barrier, etc.. Seen the true more a brick cellar costs much lower between 5,000 and 10,000 euros from. Another important issue, especially in terraced houses and semi-detached houses, is the soundproofing.

A cellar is the necessary prerequisite for a high soundproofing in the above living areas. Many measurements have shown that cellar buildings up to 5dB better than when not cellar buildings to the sound insulation in the residential floors. As a building material of the brick is ideally suited for the townhouses. Brick can compensate for the humidity of a room, so to prevent mold growth in a natural way and the environment sustainably improved. In addition to the optimal humidity behavior score modern brick by high heat protection. The relevance of heat-insulated exterior walls is often underestimated in the basement, but just who today is planning an energy-efficient new building should emphasise it. Because the elaborate home automation that is required for energy-efficient homes, claimed a sufficiently large and mostly frost-free room. Keller, for example, with the thermal insulation tiles the MZ – or S series of my brick house”were built, provide such frost-free areas, and that without having to rely on an additional insulation system.

The investment in a cellar pays off in any case. A further advantage is the positive impact on the resale value of the property in addition to the gain in space and comfort. Broker, 86 percent of all used, not cellar houses are harder to sell, also they would get a 10-20 percent lower sale value. Seen the expensive initially appearing in reality costs are costs relatively low. Percent are on average only 5-8 overhead a space savings of about 35 per cent, which can be further reduced by own craft activities. Whether a basement convinces hobby, household or living space flexibility and versatility and should be in any House. More information is available on the Internet at. Tanja EST

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