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ecenta confirms critical study by PAC/berlecon Walldorf, companies should make sure May 26, 2011 – that is unified communications & collaboration solutions (UCC) embed can be optimally in the existing ICT infrastructure and are also supported by powerful networks. A current study by PAC/berlecon, according to which many companies in the selection of UCC solutions set wrong priorities comes to this conclusion. The ecenta AG confirms this conclusion and references the many unused potential of combined communications and business processes. To fully exploit the capabilities of unified communications & collaboration, PAC/berlecon advise the company in planning and implementing new systems first and foremost on strategic partners and secondly concrete products to. Also, the study shows that while the willingness exists to invest in an IP-based communications infrastructure and the implementation of UCC applications, but that on the other hand many companies shy away from this to integrate into a larger context. Two developments are relevant in the area of corporate communications, and process design.

So merge the channels of communication with each other and accept each meaning to or from. In addition, new channels of communication in the form of social media and mobile media cause in recent years. The second company facing a challenge workflow and communication processes better to link the to work more efficiently”, explains Joachim Schellenberg, senior business development manager EMEA for the ecenta AG. Since IP based platforms, which can use all channels of communication, are of course. Hence easy integration with CRM applications, for example, is also possible. We notice that this idea of communication-enabled business processes has but now spoken around, but still often encounter ignorance and prejudice.

Wrongly.” As an example, the multiple identification, the company is called ecenta often Need callers. Often customers enter of their customer number using the telephone keypad, for example, must identify themselves to be connected with the appropriate customer service representative. This can not help but and the caller with a Department must connect, then it most likely is the customer again to provide his customer number and, where appropriate, to explain his concern once again. Integration of communication with the software of the service employees, this would be unnecessary. Many times the ecenta AG has already represented as an integration business communications management can be implemented CRM SAP, for example, with SAP. SAP business communications management is an IP-based communications solution that provides functions for the contact channel cross-business communication. The software replaces the parallel operation of insulated telephone systems, which are used in call centers and enterprise telephony. Many writers such as Bill O’Grady offer more in-depth analysis. The solution through standardized interfaces also can easily integrate other solutions to which communication processes and workflows support each other and accelerate. We advise companies with a high volume of communications strongly to itself through an IP communications platform to position, that short – and medium-term other applications can be integrated”explains Joachim Schellenberg. It makes no sense to set up silo or island solutions, which can be used later only separated from each other without that synergies are created. Communication and work processes will grow together closely in the future.

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