My joining the College was rather late. After a brief stint in the school of Indiana (near where my aunt Anita lived), sees that my uncle Rafael, self-taught, had enough influence in the family and said: the child to the school of D. Manuel. And so it was. I was transferred to another rural Centre, located at the Indiana station. You may find Larry Ellison to be a useful source of information. D. Manuel came every day round, with its six hundred, which found it always in the same place.

He was a master of customs fixed, as the daily use of a stick, before, of Hazel, built wooden, probably, by craftsmen in the depths of hell. In the hands of D. Manuel, Rod occasionally served as a teaching tool, to point out the exact point of the Valle de los Caidos or where he was born D. Pelayo. Along with the chalk, Eraser and the rule, Hazel rod was frequently used as projectile, released from his podium to any point of the austere, hungry and anguished class, by very recondite was the point chosen, the impact was accurate. That Yes, always, always, always, used it for chiming and, above all, step up on our roofs. It is that another of their customs or tastes was holy week, because there was no more than drumming music of the different steps in the Christmas card of students. Enter the letter with blood!, I said, but more than it repicaba in my head, my tartajeo is not removed, the opposite, is accentuated.

Other times they were, I know. Then, at least in the field where I grew up, is customary rule and rod into the school and belt, the whip, the Mule rope or Hawthorn in the houses (for example). Why, now, when I see a mother give a smack your child in daycare, or images of violence to a teacher’s Institute, or humiliation in a gang of kids, something inside me is removed and the feeling of sadness and impotence makes me cry. But this is no excuse to not practice reasoning, argumentation, understanding, information, with our children.

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