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Stock market turbulence make property alignment essential Munich, the 24 September 2011. If even leading media such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) against the background of guess extremely volatile markets to a change in tangible assets such as residential and commercial real estate, then a lot is it sure”, Hans Gruber says SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Against this background, you should consider also the following development: because if the Chief Economist of the European Central Bank, Jurgen Stark the towel throw and the euro to a new six-month low, then massive reactions of the stock markets can come as no surprise. So the DAX broke shortly after his resignation immediately and gave investors a loss scenario hardly expected on this scale again. Tangible assets rather than shares are a good crisis protection here. Selected closed-end funds have proved in the last ten years as stable and generated equally constant as high yields, especially if they preferred real estate so real Invested assets.

The FAZ however continues in their assessment and writes that permanently hard times investors have made a. The evaluation of the European equity markets to a nadir and could fall still further as the U.S. Investment Bank Morgan Stanley analysts fear. Here is the better decision”but the targeted decision for real estate funds as personal assets, the SHB representative Hans Gruber says. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) relies on the implementation of thing value-oriented investments for many years. These include in particular commercial real estate at selected locations, which are characterized by a constant rental. The SHB AG is one of the pioneering companies in this segment in Germany.

She hung up on a variety of real estate funds, in which investors participate. SHB uses a special significance that that real estate will receive also contemporary. Do you mean: the real estate fund of the SHB characterized this out that they have a good chance in the terms of the rental and resale profit. Gruber thinks we should discuss the real value against a different background”, by SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). So Loritz assets can be according to Professor Dr. Karl Georg outside the stock exchange associate certain values, while quoted values are almost invariably determined by external influences. In an understandable example of recognized capital market expert shows that a company or a real estate generally has a value, which is determined by the profitability. Is subject to the same company or real estate, for example, when a real estate AG or one of riding the stock market, determine the putative value of only supply and demand for the shares. This may be not the actual value but. Loritz writes the unnachvollziehbaren current crash of some stocks, though prosperous companies, to this fact.

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