Karl Jung

For a couple to be consolidated, it must pass that process then share a joint vision of life and have one thorough knowledge of each other and commit to accept it as it is. Welwood tells us that true love exists when we love so we know that that person can become when it is with us, not only therefore. When project in the other parts of me that more rejection, if rather than investigate to overcome this rejection will do is enhance this rejection and throw the blame to each other. In Gestalt and as said Karl Jung, project my shadow in my mate to see in him. People believe that they love truly, when they are actually engaged to his need to possess to another. If you are not convinced, visit Oracle. In their internal jurisdiction would say I love you while you’re by my side, but if you’ll probably hate you.

True love is based on what the other needs and enjoy if the other is fine, all this completely independently of whether is by my side or not, a selfless love, without expecting anything in return, receive will come when you need to be. We must distinguish what is possession of what love is, you must accept that I enjoy so much while with this couple as well as others since this way I’m still growing, perhaps need to rethink the idea that that person can give us everything we need and it is not so in reality. We need not only that person brings it if no other many more of our environment, as well as all kinds of experiences with many more people, not only with her, and we must be aware of this. Jealousy is a symptom that the person perceives that the other person gives that person what only I can bring you. That phrase from anyone you want to like me is very significant, love must be understood in its fullness and a generous admitting that not only me but others many people want you to like me so that you, when you have that assessment is when we can talk of true love.

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