Latin America

In the start of the crisis many companies had started to speculate to justify the increase prices of products and services, but this provoked falls of sales and increase of supplies. Today the prices had returned to a reasonable platform. The supplies of the international market are very low, therefore, little were bought in last the 3 months, therefore, the demand for products to supply the supplies already are being a natural trend in this beginning of 2009, what it will provoke an increase of industrial production. The affected exportations more will be that envoy for the Europe, therefore, the fear devastates the population of that region, making with that the people do not consummate and not having consumption, does not have production and automatically it will generate unemployment. Brazilian we must be intent, but to consume products must be of natural form, so that the Brazilian economy continues to grow in the next years. Climatic tragedies will only be able to confuse the development of the country or the skepticism of its population economic. Brazil always was land of chances, but the Brazilian economic system very dynamic and is well normatizado what in them it brings a parcel of security and as main route of international investments for 2009 in Latin America. In the global one, the Brazilian scene is more favorable than from other countries, some sectors of the economy will suffer a direct impact due to the exchange and to the credit, but in others the trend is of normality in 2009. Cri$e also is a moment of chances.

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