Send them email or letters to share-les big news or success stories, especially something of importance to those in their networks. If you believe that you have valued ideas, information and resources to share with others, not that you can share cres-the? 5. Collect valuable information sharing. (Source: Gary Kelly ). So, you have to be willing to give before you receive. This means that you have to get to know other members and give a good perspective-tencies. What kinds of information could be useful to them? You may think at first you do not have much of value to share with others (in addition to her business and what you provide). The key is not to make assumptions. For example, do not assume you know about a particular tema.Porque many of those multi-group are “experts in the field.” Be willing to ask if they know the resource and ready -tencies that you do not know if any of them do not.

Want shown that it is a leader? Here is a way to demonstrate that is a leader. “I will research and when you know about this subject I’ll explain.” Only the fact that you are willing to research on the subject raise their knowledge (to know) and increase the confidence of others towards you. 6. Focus on Quality, not Quantity, Quantity, Quantity. not necessarily on the number of multilevel meetings you do, but on the quality of the encounter that you do. Connections (multi sessions) quality will be identifiable because all the parties (the parties) actively complicated share ideas, information, and resources. It’s true that you have to spend (spend) some time and effort to know another person (s).

It is important to them than your lles know. But you also have to be clear about the need for information or resources you want relayed. Remaining in this approach raises a small number of relationships quality which will usually be far more productive than attempting to follow up a larger number of surface contacts. 7. Be persistent, but patient. the goal of a computer connected to a network mlm should not necessarily be separated (leaving) perspectives whenever you go out with, but separate (move) with large connections. Interconnection usually takes time to get the relationships developed and nurtured. Do not approach the interconnection as a scary proposition or a necessary evil to be in the business. Take the pressure off of you and really focus as you might be able to join with someone to develop an entrepreneurial relationship. Focus on it first and find ways of being useful to them.

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