Literatura School

the practical pertaining to school of literary literature illuminate investigations on some conditions of existence of literature, that is, literature is a theory that also occupies of the conditions of manifestations of sociocultural phenomena. From this knowledge, the notion of universality of literature discloses its character ideological. In this perspective, what if it can to understand for education of Literature in the schools, is that this is not the only agent, but its function is to initiate its pupils in the reading protocols according to which certain texts is literary and others not, and certain texts are more literary and the other less literary ones. Zilberman (1988) says the following one: ' ' If, then, instead of exclusively sponsoring inspired scripts of reading in this or that theory, the practical one of pertaining to school reading to center its reflection on the act concrete of reading in course in the space of classroom and on the interpretations that occur there (also the decurrent ones of scripts of activities), the pertaining to school literary reading can be become into one practical one of instauration of meanings and, with this, transform the study of literature into the inquiry and the critical experience of the social passage fulfilling for its texts, its theories, its leituras.' ' (P. 97). Zilberman author (1988) tells in this breaks up that, in the execution of this project, the school will earn, without doubt, a new density, when returning critically the image of literature that comes from official channels, engaged with the teach-learning, Ensino de Literatura. To practise the literary reading in the school wants to confirm a reflection in the true act to read, that it is to convert the reading into literary interpretation, transforming the study of literature into a investigativo process fulfilling the way of the text that is the social critical understanding. The literary reading would have more to be valued as half of the pupil to develop the creativity and the imagination in the interaction with texts that inaugurate possible worlds, established in the construction of the empirical reality.

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