Locks For Mechanical And Electrical Hazards

Range of different security systems to block and lock mechanical, pneumatic and electrical hazards are in the lockout-tagout.

5,590 To device management, more than 8,000 security and warning signs, appropriate systems Rohrmarkierer to the effective labelling of tubes and Oil binders and binding fabrics (towels, roll mats, etc), to ensure a clean work place. Lockout locks available such as universal barriers and cable locks that are versatile, can be used for different valves, ball / cone valves, butterfly valves, etc.. Standard shut-off devices and adjustable locking systems for valves are also in the program such as cone valve, gas cylinders, gas cylinders shut-offs and locking systems for different breakers. Shut-off systems for electrical hazards, macro provides barriers for Plug connections, different locking systems for multicore and single-pole circuit breaker, circuit breaker without hole and even for oversized breaker IDENT. Miniature locks for protection switch of the most common standards are also available.

To get you started, as well as for professionals there are different sets of lockout. These are already equipped electrical or mechanical hazards. Thus the individual Components such as locks, latches, barriers and warning trailers can be accommodated neatly, also groups closure Center, locks control center, storage modules, lockout stations and panels at macro ID to the wear or available for wall mounting. Professionally complete the lockout systems (blocking and locking systems), macro IDENT features a wide selection of different colored, different security locks. The locks are available in non conductive plastic, aluminum, steel or brass, with equal closing or different closing lock cylinders. In addition you can also master key (master key + Grand Master Key) are made. The Brady training program is available since early April 2013. The program includes an animated film that has a modular structure in 32 different chapters. With this tool, companies can train themselves professionally their co-workers and themselves. To get a manual, how you and what you’re using Brady Lockout-Tagout locks and is informed about legal guidelines.

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