Luis Escobar

29 November 2009 Time: 9:45. Start of the press conference with Bishop Jos Luis Escobar. After 4 questions of ideological tendency journalist has the following names and company you work for and proceeded to ask questions – here’s how hard the case. After knowing the position of Bishop on the elections in Honduras was very serious question: Can you confirm the health status of Msgr. Rivera y Damas Followed by a pause Bishop told him he had done in the Eucharist was to ask for the eternal rest of him while commemorating the 15th anniversary of his death. I would love to see the face of all those present at the conference, but especially the anonymous journalist and that of Mons.Escobar XD. Needless to say, happened at night social classes 9th to 2nd year high school where at any decent curriculum is the armed conflict with its most representative.


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