Max Weber

Least, that was where I found myself, we alegabamos that politics is an art because first is a product of the culture, and secondly, as a result, everything you do in politics has, we want to or not, in all the human manifestations and consequences hence representations in all the senses of human endeavor. I still believe like Ruiz Massieu, that politics is indeed art. However it is a pity that not all consider it as well, especially those engaged in body and soul in this endeavor. Perhaps unknowingly, mostly followers of the concept of art issued by Aristotle, who establishes substantial differences with science, therefore, has emerged in the world the difference between art and Science. And it will only be art already in a modern conception that goes hand in hand with aesthetics, with the beautiful. Perhaps the product of politics is private of the aesthetic? If the aesthetic has to do with well done then the policy if it is an art, regardless of that we consider it also as a science, due to their methods of study. Therefore what was said by the author in the first part of the aphorism is an undeniable truth.

That politics is the art of the unrepeatable significance must give you? There is no doubt that at this point there is to try to be philosopher even though by profession may not be. The subjective human facts are unrepeatable, never a human action, subjective or objective has exact consequences, even when you try to resolve similar problems; Nothing in the world of humanity is equal, in politics there are no recipes. They change the subject, or change objects or changes the relationship between them, hence the good politician is unable to get out of his bag a cookbook and thus resolving a conflict of interests or unlock a bureaucratic matter. What you want to say Ruiz Massieu is to politics what to take into account the diversity of thought and/or the fragmentation of interests surrounding who governs. We all have the same rights but to oppose the authority the interests are different, hence the difficulty in the political sphere to implement the measures that are best and not cause damage that will result in undermining in the exercise of a right.

Epilogue: Honor to whom honor deserves. Ruiz Massieu was a smart man, history will tell if he was a good ruler, but remains recorded in the tributes every year receives that the pendulum of honour is on your part. Teodoro Monsemm at the beginning of the 20th century said to Max Weber: Ten the crosier I my today apparently there are no recipients of the intellectual crosier that Ruiz Massieu, bequeathed the policy debate into a battle of interests without ideological content. The recent past has much to teach us. 1 Catedratico-investigador of the academic unit of law of UAG and the graduate program in law. Original author and source of the article.

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