If you really want to millions of people, open your heart and let the desire to admit to yourself and accept yourself for who you are. This is a major step that you can done at the beginning of the road to riches. All people live in society, and to some extent depends on each company. But it is important to understand how big this dependence. Is it as strong as it seems at first glance.

Imagine that you are a millionaire, living on the Mediterranean coast in his villa, and your able to run an investment company – is it really so much you depend on society? It may seem that only the rich do not depend on others. No we are all a little dependent on other people's opinions! More precisely, our life on this is completely independent. Depends only on our minds, but everyone can change it, make your mind free, and open mind. Look at your life from the outside, check it out, tell yourself who you are, what you do, what you have. Then answer honestly to yourself, unless you have conferred upon society all this? That you came to the conclusion that you are! You may have helped, but you know, help all – it great! Help you, help you through but does not affect the people and guide them. Imagine if you did not rely on the opinions of others about themselves, about their life, would you lose everything you have achieved? Of course not! All will remain, only to stop you push someone else's opinions and judgments.

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