Mora Vanegas

Carlos Mora Vanegas the primordial nature of every human being is to be open to life and love. Show watchdog, on the defensive, mistrustful and enclosed, is second nature in our culture. They are the means that we adopt to protect us from the possibility of being injured, although when this type of attitude becomes something caracterologico or structured personality thus constituting one wound major that creates a larger lesion that that one may suffer. Alexander Lowen not must travel on this planet Earth without arousing, without knowing of the why are, why they out towards where we want to go, the comply fully with our mission, not align ourselves, nor to keep us prisoners of dogma promulgated, established, nor be imitators, neglecting our own authenticity. The opposite must fully live the here and the now, not allowing it mocks us false selves, rules that undermine our FREEWILL. Our transit is so short and uncertain, that we can not give us the luxury of remains inatentos to the effects that originate external stimuli, giving birth to artificial needs, product of a consumerist, materialistic, asleep, society wants to remains in that stadium, that does not interest you wake up for momentous growth. Paul Lowen bequeathed us his experience to awaken in the here and the now, that can help us to break this dependency, conditioning, that prevented us to grow, to discover us inatentos and tells us, it is possible to live without prosecuting; and when the trials are going; It is there, when it emanates happiness, joy, gratitude, life. When I came to discover this indicates Lowen, I discovered that it is possible for anyone if you are ready to start living differently. My suffering, reminds it us Lowen came from that I was against mine, that there was a division within me and I said that certain parts of myself were well and certain parties not that had this division.

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