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Given that after the implantation the Not more changed, the patient remains independent breaking distance of the eye for life a pair of glasses. The big advantage of glasses freedom in distance and proximity is bought but with a Visual acuity decreased slightly in both areas”. Also, occasionally unwanted glare occur to light sources such as cone. This can be annoying especially when driving in the dark, will disappear but in most cases after a certain period of acclimatization. Learn more at this site: Verizon Communications. The surface of the eye drops will numb during the surgery.

A small incision on the edge of the cornea allowing access to the lens in the eye, whose Kern is then crushed and then vacuumed using ultrasonic waves. Before exactly calculated, artificial multi focal lens is used in the connection, which compensates for the low vision. The operation lasts 10 minutes. Pain does not occur in General, in the first hours after the operation a foreign body sensation or eyestrain is occasionally noticeable. In addition to the local anesthetic Patients on request receive a sedative.

Whether a patient for one of the two types of treatment in question is and what advantages and disadvantages have individually, the doctors of the smile eyes can explain clinics during the preliminary investigation and demonstrate. Above all the individual circumstances of the affected eye are crucial in this respect. About smile eyes smile eyes eye doctors accept since 1997 of the operational correction of vision defects. The high-volume surgeons smile eyes look back on the experience of over 25,000 refractive procedures at locations in Trier, Linz, Munich, Regensburg, Weiden and Vorarlberg and treat with modern methods. The services offered by smile eyes includes the procedures excimer LASIK, Femto LASIK, lasers for the ReLEx method, as well as the range of lenses surgery in the focus. The TuV Sud drew the clinics of smile eyes officially with the quality seal of LASIK-TuV”out.

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