New Working Keys

New working keys for Kaspersky 1927 april 2010 (771 pcs.). A brand new collection of keys to Kaspersky on 04/27/2010 of the year! The archives provided a unique key 771 + brand new list antibanera (ABBL) of 21. 04. 2010 year! There are keys to May 2012! At the time of publication of all keys in working state (provereno!!) + unlock codes virus bdokiruyuschego login! + Fix Skin.rev11 – Skin allows to activate KIS / KAV 2010 key and add ekstrafunktsionala! + Informal blacklist antibanera Kaspersky. ES AB designed for more efficient use of AB in the area of advertising of different kinds. Basic list of possible uses AB AB is not in full mere.ChS AB is a simple text file format.

Txt and laid out in the archive. Should be b Download / b it, extract the archive, then import into the Arctic Basin in the section ‘black list’. In our time without a good protection on the Internet should not climb because of the global network of virus so that having one of them on your computer you may not suspect that that someone can get from your computer any information about you stored on your computer in this strongly recommend installing an anti virus that sohrannt important information for you from prying this time there are many anti viruses but there is a leader in data protection but they are not short of money and which ones to use is up to you.

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