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To insure or not insure the car when you buy – this question is almost always solved by car owners is positive. Auto insurance market in Russia in recent years has increased several times. casco insurance and compulsory motor tpl insurance – is conventional insurance, which has already dealt with the majority of motorists. However, insurance companies do not stop there, and develop more new programs for avtovladeltsev.Odnim of the last such proposals – Auto club on the road. This insurance program than it is like for the services of car clubs, clubs that offer their members and at the same time is more advanced. Try to understand that the proposed new insurers and interesting than such insurance will be motorists. For example, consider a proposal to the insurance company included in dozens of Russian insurance companies. So, what services are included in this policy 'Auto Help on the road': The evacuation of the vehicle is damaged.

In this case, the car will be evacuated from the scene to repair facility or parking is damaged as a result of an insured event, namely, accident, fire, falling on Car of foreign objects, illegal actions of third parties, natural disasters of nature. This risk is valid throughout Russia and the limited (in our example, only the sum insured – 6.000 rubles per insured case, the number of insurance claims is not limited). Emergency assistance in case of breakage on the road. In case of sudden breakage of the car is not insured by an insurance company will make a call Brigade technical assistance that will try to correct the problem within an hour the car. If after this period will be impossible to fix the car, it begins to have my car to a parking lot or repair. Examples of possible problems: will not start the engine, the wipers do not work, need replacement wheels, etc. The restriction on the sum insured as 6.000 rubles per event, with the cost of spare parts by the insurer non-refundable.

Emergency commissioner. Average commissioner to arrive at the accident scene, where produce photographs, will help to make the documents on the fact of the accident. In the future receive in the organs of the traffic police protocol, decision and give these documents to the insurance company. However, the primary certificate (Form 748) will need to get yourself party to an accident on the day of the accident. Ambulance. The insurance company will provide the departure of ambulance crews, which will provide medical care to all participants of traffic accidents, which were in the insurance of the car and who have suffered injury in an accident. Within the city insurance company is a commercial for an ambulance, outside – . The sum insured – 100.000 rubles. How much it costs. The cost is not affected by age and length of service of drivers. insurance shall any motor vehicle under the age of 12 years. The cost of this policy the insurance company, taken for our example: from 2.100 rubles – for the inhabitants of St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast and 2.400 rubles – for the inhabitants of Moscow and Moscow region. Who would be interested in this program. Undoubtedly, this policy will be interesting to complement policy osago or helmets. Assume that it is especially pleasant female motorists who feel more secure on the road a lot of trouble.

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