Nirvana Sutra

Do however, their careful arrangements failed because Siddh? rtha, acclaimed by the crowd on its way through the streets, could not stop perceiving the pain in its most acute forms, for the first time realized old age, sickness and death. Wikipedia says that in his way, Siddharta learned hand of four different masters. With them he learned different techniques of meditation and achieved higher States of consciousness. In essence, the different ideas that it examined Siddharta were trying to redefine the union of the individual (Atman) with an absolute (Brahman) to achieve liberation. But despite their great achievements with these practices, not found in them satisfaction to your questions. Then, in an attempt to completely overwhelm the sensory world, Siddharta tried to submit to austerities so extreme that almost caused his death, but still not found solution to your problem. This is why he decided to investigate it in a new and different way.

He learned two things of paramount importance first, extreme asceticism did not lead to the total liberation, but was necessary to something else; and secondly, that reached a point, no teacher was able to teach anything else. Do Siddh? rtha departed decided to not continue to seek external sources of wisdom, but to find within himself. Does a mythical version of this stage of his life tells us that Siddh? rtha, in its extreme practices of asceticism, after a few days without eating or drinking water, just a few minutes before his death, listened to a teacher who was teaching him a girl to play the zither. The teacher told him that if the rope was too loose would not you sound, but would be broken if the rope of the zither was very tense: the rope should be in your fair tension so that he could give music and harmony. Currently Siddharta comprised the Middle Road: both extreme asceticism and the life of pleasures of the Palace were two extremes, and the truth would find in the right measure between exacerbated pleasure and extreme asceticism. Do Siddh? rtha Gautama died around the year 486 BC, at the age of 80.

The cause was food poisoning that caused vomiting, hemorrhages and great pains which, according to the testimonies, endured with great fortitude. Finally, leaned into a forest of mangoes at Ku?Nagara, about 175 kilometers north-west of Patna. There, surrounded by his disciples, reached the eternal peace of complete extinction, the for nirvana. This is a State that only have access after his death which have reached Nirvana during their lifetime. Before the expiry of said the Nirvana Sutra, which summarizes all its teaching and clarifies the points that he saw that they were not well understood.

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