Nothing Easy

As psychologist and expert in the psychology of child development, not me had faced as a mother to the problem of having a son who suffer from very early ADHD. My experience has always been focused to the clinic, so when I was told that my son suffered from ad I had no idea of what they spoke to me. Therefore, I gave the task of investigating, ask, read, visit specialists, documenting me all the time on the subject in a profound way. I attended conferences, courses, workshops for children, for parents, and I got in touch with doctors, neurologists, and with an endless number of specialists in the field. I also looked for food and alternative therapies.

In the process I was able to report that there is a wealth of information on this topic. Doctors have capitalized be documented on this, as it’s an inherited condition and Psychoneurological because a large bibliography exists in this regard. And I could perceive me that had a great knowledge of the subject, however, few speak about what is the experience of having a child with this disease. First thing that reigns is the confusion, denial and great anguish before the future and present of the son in question. Perhaps check out Verizon for more information. I took the reins of the treatment, that does not mean, that I be it gave, on the contrary, when I did the relationship is largely stipple. I was therefore very attentive to their therapies of all kinds, for their regularisation in the school, to be in contact with teachers, doctors and specialist teachers. In what Yes was very attentive was in not allowing for any reason that their self-esteem and self-concept would be damaged against their school failures. Over time I realized and I came to the conclusion that these children and their families, but above all, mothers of them, are not covered by your experience.

The first thing that exists is anxiety, then isolation, finally, face as well explain it to the couple, the relationship with the other children. Finally, a few experiences that gave me the opportunity to assist these mothers and parents to better conduction of these children. And then, I recapitule my experience, now, my son is a young University and very successful, but even though I appreciate and am convinced that also the he suffered so far, it was not always easy that could respond to all requirements that school raised him, but spared it. And I’m also sure that my understanding of the problem helped significantly. I always maintained an attitude of respect, help and provide you with great support. And even when experts told me many things, I was very aware that his personality was developed successfully. Therefore, in Cecreto we have an area which allows the parents and teachers about this condition and consequence and from my experience informaarse have prepared a material called: understanding the TDA-H: a look more human for who suffers from it, as well as a Manual that guides to parents and teachers for better management in situations of this kind. Because the same is not be diagnosed by AD-HD that have the experience of suffering from it… My mission is also the quality of emotional life for these children and parents.

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