Offshore Companies

What is an offshore company? The term offshore company or non-resident company is used to refer to the investment of capital abroad, usually in a tax haven, to maximize its financial resources, and in the field of business management the term offshoring refers offshoring of service activities of a company. Areas with special tax or “tax havens” are practically born with the tax and have existed since antiquity. They know from the second world war accelerated development. Among 60-90, tax havens or financial micro-territory or state tax laws to mild or nonexistent. A common feature is to practice hospitality and anonymous unlimited capital. The phenomenon of tax havens is of considerable size: it is estimated that these centers drain more than half of assets held outside the border, for a total of over 5000 billion dollars. More than 4000 offshore banks are located there, and there are also more than 2.4 million shell companies.

Please note that the establishment of an offshore company has not taken lightly. You will need to speak to professionals and focus on the safety of assembly. In addition, an offshore company should ideally be established in a country or jurisdiction in which you do not hear much about. Avoid places like Panama, Belize or too exotic places. Similarly, Delaware has avoided if you must charge your customers with this company. Other states are equally effective and much more dicret. An offshore company for which sectors? – Investors, trader (personal and professional) – Investor housing – individuals and professionals wishing to protect their assets (movable, real estate, subject art …) – Professional Marketing and Communications – Financial Advisors – Artists (musicians, athletes, entertainers, etc..) – Trades expertise – Trades Consulting, Consultants – Business on the Internet (ebay sale affiliation, etc..) – Webmasters – Graphic Designers – Programmers – Computer Security Legal forms: – LLC (Limited Liability Company) – Corporation (Corp., Inc., Ltd.

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