Organizational Psychology

The proposal of the article is to make apanhado theoretician on this subject, to compare the perspectives of the authors and to inside delineate making of the psychologist of the organizations inside of these processes of change. The used methodology is a bibliographical revision, that of the sustentation to this configuration of work. For such, the study it is divided in four sections: concept of organizacional culture, national culture x foreign culture, organizacional change and fusing and/or acquisition, that they make possible to make chronological apanhado on organizacional culture the meandros of Organizacional Psychology and the Work, configuring the context and its development, in order to understand the paper of the psychologist in the processes of mudana.2 CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL AND PERSPECTIVES OF ESTUDOO concept of culture defined for the Anthropology make reference to reference the way as we hold in them, and to the customs that we acquire of the society, either the way as we dress in them, we verbalizamos, we think and we modify the world our return (SAINTS, 2009). This perspective part of the estimated one that the thought if bases by means of the experience on society and, therefore, is public and social (GEETRZ, 1978). The process of organizacional socialization is important so that if it understands the organizacional culture, mainly in the case of a fusing and/or acquisition, if to consider that the one of the concerns of the organization after concretion of the process is to integrate the people the new culture of the company (ARISAWA, 2007). According to Berger and Luckmann (2003), in the primary socialization it does not have identification problem, for not to make possible that the individual I will choose new meanings. However, the society presents an anticipated set of other meanings, that it has that to accept without the possibility to opt to another arrangement. Therefore, the first world of the individual is constructed, that is, the base of creation of the meanings. .

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