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No doubt that it is a powerful tool. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Coupang has to say. But What is really the coaching? What is the essence of the model? What brings people and organizations? They are some of the questions that I imagine, anyone who does not know I can do and try to answer in this article. What is coaching? Coaching is a model that aims to develop the potential of people, methodically structured and effective, which is a condition eminently staff, coaching is based on the internal forces of each individual, the principles are based are: Coaching focuses on the possibilities of the future, not in the mistakes of the past and current performance. To get the best out of people, the coach must believe in their potential. Our beliefs about the capabilities of the others have a direct impact on their performance. Coaching works based on a relationship of trust and confidentiality maintained between the coach and the trained. The trained does not learn of the coach, but of himself stimulated by the coach. Although sometimes it is not easy, the coach should avoid transferring its experience to the trained, since if it did, I would be breaching one of the basic principles of coaching.

As Goethe said: the best thing you can do for others is not teach thy riches but make them see their own modalities of coaching that is usually intervene in organizations are: Personalized coaching (management development sessions) Group coaching (dynamization of equipment) Training in Coaching (developing skills of coach) personalized coaching or management development sessions dealt with situations of aid or development of the potential of managers. The most common reasons for intervention are usually: decision-making, conflict, stress, finding resources, development of competencies, support, promotions, etc. Group coaching sessions are intended to energize a group of people or managers. Most common interventions can be: troubleshooting, sessions of creativity, conflicts, etc.

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