Pneumonias Method

Objectives This research has for objective to investigate from the bibliographical research, some aspects of the PAVM and to inform to the professionals the importance of the systematization of the actions of nursing for its prevention, since it presents a serious problem of health in the units of intensive therapy. Metodolgico passage For accomplishment of this study, used the method of bibliographical research of descriptive boarding. This type of research method, according to Saints, 2005, consists of the examination of scientific literature, for survey and analysis of what already it was produced on definitive subject in national databases, reviewed for researchers and in indexadores of scientific production (BIREME, LILACS, SCIELO). Of selected articles, a critical reading was become fullfilled, with necessary imparcialidade and objetividade, selecting of bigger significance for research. The present research is of the exploratria type, in which according to Gil, 1996, it provides to greater familiarity with the problem, sights to become it more explicit or to construct hypotheses. The deductive one still has as boarding method, that from a general vision it is arrived a particular phenomenon. Analysis after systemize of literature, was looked to carry through apanhado of correlated actions of thematic nursing with necessary for the prevention and the promotion of the health of the patient under ventilation mechanics.

Superior aerial ways and fisiopatolgicos aspects of the Pneumonias the Superior Aerial Ways (VAIN) are coated by 400 a mucous covering of approximately m, that it constitutes an important natural physical barrier to the aggressors of the organism, having possessed still diverse other mechanisms in order to protect the continuity of the system. (MIYAKE, 2003). The first line of defense of the VAIN ones is in its anatomical configuration, that takes to the blockade and particle retention in vibrissas, in the mucosa of the nasal socket, the structural tortuosidades of the shells and irregularities of septo nasal, where the turbilhonamento of the aerial chain propitiates such mechanism.

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