Many people living in rural areas, do not pay enough attention to this kind of farm animals like rabbits. They believe rabbit waste of time and effort, though, in fact, rabbit can be rightly be considered the most highly profitable area of agricultural activity. Let’s examine this statement in a specific example. For simplicity, let us take the example of a condition that you are going to contain a single rabbit. For unit cages for a rabbit do not need large investments, but if you look, you do not need any investment at all – you can build a cage out of any available material. When content of a rabbit in a year you will be able to get away from it at least 4 okrola, 6-8 rabbits in the nest. Let us take, for example, six young rabbits, although particularly fertile rabbit can also lead to 12 rabbits per okrol.

Thus, during the year from one rabbit you get 24 pet rabbit. On average, the young reach marketable weight of 3 pounds in 3 months. From this it follows that you have generated for the year (24h3 = 72) 72 kilograms of easily digestible diet of meat, which the market can be sold at prices ranging from 6 to 8 dollars per kilogram. From this it follows (72h7 = 504) 504 dollars per year! Believe me, this figures are underestimated and underreported, and that strongly enough. For example, if you sell rabbits living, the prices on them and reach $ 50 apiece, and it immediately doubled the amount of money you received for the implementation grown produce. You can argue that much of this money will be spent on food for rabbits. But it is not.

When the content in the garden of the premises of one rabbit feed spent almost unnecessary, since all the feed you for a longer period of the year will be at hand and completely free. The main feed the rabbits from spring to autumn can be a blade of grass, abundantly growing everywhere, and absolutely worthless. Naturally, if you will rabbit on a more serious basis, then this would require more serious food supply, but it will still be worth it. Relative time spent on maintenance and care of rabbits – 2-3 hours per week for one rabbit, this time should be sufficient with interest not only to care for rabbit, but also to enjoy the views of this remarkable animal. Decide you do rabbit or sit on the bench and is constantly whining about his failed life.

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