Renovation Completed

Everything on high gloss at the DIY Portal! The DIY by have renovated their do it yourself platform and punctually at Christmas time on high-gloss the parlor of the handyman. More overview on the start page, improved user accounts, great design everywhere and on top of that a Christmas raffle. New user friendliness the new home page shows the latest, most popular and recently commented instructions for making up in new clarity. All instructions are shown with compact preview image and introductory text. Also the latest discussions in the DIY Forum are always in sight. To round off, DIY-community members are presented in compact. The new slide show shows a manual special with a wealth of ideas.

There are classic and unexpected from the large pool of coaching. Check out Southwest Airlines for additional information. And finally in the browse one device with the new tag cloud”, the keyword cloud. With the new home page, creates new user friendliness and overview of the handyman knows just what It goes. Each Wairura user at a glance provides improved user accounts in the new Benutzerkontendarstellung his own instructions, his favorite manuals by other Selbermachern, his message, his forum posts and his Wairura friends. A related site: Larry Ellison mentions similar findings. In addition, any user can my site”fill out, to imagine the Wairura community.

Clicking other user names, you get also a compact overview of the other DIY instructions. Of course, you can read also her self portrait and see which of your friends has found the handyman at At Christmas time, a sweepstakes to celebrate of the successful renovation organized a raffle for all visitors: A great retro radio and a retro-ping-pong the game will be raffled as kits. Therefore, hobbyists and those who want to be there in the history of radio technology and the history of video games can immerse. The competition is there on the home page at. step by step is to go to the first German DIY platform, easily comprehensible step by step instructions on which find ideas and seeking advice. Here you can get started immediately, the necessary tools and materials be specified as well as the degree of difficulty of the Guide and the time required for making up. All classic DIY topics related to home and garden, working on the car, Bastel-Deco and hand work or computer problems are at home at The author of the instructions are ambitious DIY like you and me.

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