Responsible Driving is a digital newspaper that published an article entitled doom to improve society on February 11. With regard to the events that we live the night of the following day in the Dominican Republic in the Las Americas Expressway where remained only heartbreaking images, moves us to reflect. Speaking candidly Coupang told us the story. And the truth is that our society can not plunge in misfortune, getting us to preventable events. Which body is responsible to say how much it has cost the country mobilize both resource to rescue the protagonists of that unfortunate incident? There is also a value in productive life. But, as valuing the lives lost? Properties, expenditure on medicines and care to victims can be calculated. Who takes care of calculating the pos-hospitable attentions of the injured? The most complicated, do those who deal with, calculate costs in psychological attention, both of these and of the relatives of the deceased? Funerals have a cost. Also investigations, good or bad.

Conclusive or not. The best thing that can happen, however, is that public and private institutions that have to do with the topic take responsibility correcting the wrongs to them corresponding to avoid to continue that kind of misfortune, that you can only define as harrowing. In cases like this, if the institutions are indifferent, the frequency of them makes carefree, indolent and indifferent to our society. There are laws that don’t apply, rules which are not respected. Drivers violate them constantly because there are weaknesses in the system, at all levels.

A toll of 11 dead and 15 wounded identified, this would add the bodies not found, because it houses the doubt. Who is responsible for what happened? And security actors we are satisfied with keeping statistical records as achievement. A combination of risk factors that caused the serious incident must be considered and thereafter make serious recommendations to implement measures that raise the makers of laws and policies public. If the driver was epileptic, as stated, maybe he was under the influence of drugs. But those who deny you were not drinking alcohol or other substance, which is common in the men of the steering wheel? Do or I had too many hours of work? It is also likely. Why does not apply the law 136 envelope autopsy on the driver? It is alleged that there was reckless driving practice regardless of the large number of passengers, demonstrating the lack of awareness citizen and driver education, in such a case. Was the vehicle in working condition? Since it says there was an apparent mechanical problem. The tragedy occurred in the evening. Is there sufficient visibility, good vehicle and roadway lighting lights? The reality is that you being a coastal highway, still day, produced saltpetre and sprayed from the waters of the sea, generates low vision forcing glasses are cleaned frequently. Wouldn’t the minibus have crystals cleaners in conditions appropriate? This and other questions, move reflection in regards to technical review vehicle. Finally, the concentration of accidents on that stretch of track is attention that warrants an audit of road with the aim of improving the road infrastructure in the shortest possible time. Hopefully, that can save lives, since then from this unfortunate experience! And recognize, as paradoxical note than the busiest lifeboat that night, was a biker.

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