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The breeder responds to your nagging questions aggressive or defensive. Only who has something to hide, will bring up no understanding for the interest of a buyer of the dog. You have the feeling that at the breeding site of your choice according to the above points is anything wrong, I urgently advise you double and triple check the situation and to seek an another breeder in case of doubt. Consult with the relevant breed club for a list of registered breeders. The black sheep of the industry are well-known to the breed clubs and these addresses are not usually passed to interested parties. The breeding clubs have usually also a puppy placement, where you can get information on all litters reported by reputable breeders.

But even this procedure offers no guarantees and an extensive testing of the breeding operation through the future dog owners is even the farthest way worth essential, to find his best friend for many beautiful years! The 10 Commandments in the Dog buying, if not all family members are enthusiastic – and are willing to firm commitments to buy take a dog. If you have no time and no money to buy no dog, no patience and no nerves. You to buy a dog, if you don’t like to walk. Who sells a dog with the note, which need no outlet, is a fraud. “You to buy a dog, if your children have a playmate” would like to have.

Dogs and children need to know in a carefully observed learning how to deal with each other they. You’re supposed to buy a dog with the expectation of its services. He will disappoint you. You should buy a dog you leash not to keep can, him so physically no match are. You to buy a dog, if you’re a cleanliness fanatic or a hypochondriac. He will get hysterical. You to buy a dog when you’re not a tender, loving nobody. He is beside you mental atrophy and become malignant. You to buy a dog without you previously by good Books about to inform what is a dog and what a dog needs. A dog is not a commodity, but a highly sensitive companion of man. You should never take him from people who send their puppy, have too many of them, offer different breeds or live by the sale of dogs. Who responsible breeding, can’t do that. Conclusion: Only dogs from happy families can make happy your family too. The coach of the top dog school fun you and your (future) dog!

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