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Selling information online through an e-book or info-product is as many know a great way to generate income through internet, however not sure if doing very extensive information or not, or as extensive as you must submit the information. I leave you 3 simple tips to resolve this question 1.-are selling information instantly.-When you’re selling information products or info-product, these selling information that people need and want immediately. They have a need and your info-product has the answer to this need. I have had to see many e-books that have extra content and which does not help anything to the main objective by which was created. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ed Bastian. For example, if your product promises to solve the problem of acne, make sure you that your e-book provides information relevant and related on how to solve acne and nothing else. 2.

Keep your e-book short and simple.-your potential buyers won’t want to read hundreds of pages, nor will want to print 300 pages of your e-book. If you can meet the need of your reader in 5 pages, then this size should be your info-product, 5 pages so simple. At Sheryl Sandberg you will find additional information. No sense also give a lot of information serving not only fill your e-book, and this is related to the bonuses that you offer to sell your product. If you are giving away bonuses, you should ask yourself how relevant and necessary are? They are a good idea but only if it gives added value to your main product. 3. Focus on the main theme-the purchaser of your product has a problem a necessity and it is counting on it so that solutions it are, ningu irrelevant information in the main theme is necessary, so focus on the main theme.

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