Seminar: Press Releases Correctly Write

Write press releases and PR texts learn and again no one has noticed something? There are texts that are understandable and informative or even exciting written a cure for the most common disease of internal and external communication. In short: business information, which reads like the audience. Press releases and PR texts learn to write the seminar sets essential basics to professional writing of successful texts for editorial and public. On the basis of practical writing, editing – and group exercises soon develop the participants and train under realistic conditions the belonged. For example, how they structure and theme of their message so build, that the press likes or even unchanged takes over. You have attention-grabbing headlines and get a sense of what language to which audience best fits. After just one day, ready, the participants have many tips and tricks, seriously to bring life to their PR-texts.

Press releases and press releases for the practice of the seminar is aimed at writing or editing staff of the departments of marketing and public relations, as well as supply professionals and executives, the texts for internal and external communications. In addition to employees, have to do free and volunteers in PR agencies, with texts. Our recommendation: Please bring your laptop for the exercises. Content of the seminar please refer the “Fundamentals of the press writing” Seminar Description:… Expiration of the seminar “Basics of the press writing” 08:30 09:00: reception and distribution of seminar papers 09:00 09:15: welcome speech by the speakers, and coordination of the content of the seminar with the expectations and objectives of participants 09:15 10:30: Seminar “Basics of the press writing”, part 1 10:30 am 10:45 am: tea and coffee break 10:45 pm 1:00 pm: Seminar “Basics of the press writing”, part 2 13:00 14:00: Lunch 14:00 15:15: Seminar “Basics of the press writing”, part 3 15:15 15:30: tea and coffee break 15:30 am 5:00 pm: Seminar “Basics of the press writing”, part 4 approx.

17:00: end of the seminar? All participants will receive a participant certificate? Speaker of the seminar “Basics of the press writing” Christiane is Wallace certified trainer and systemic business coach. Its core competence is the written and the spoken word. Since 2002, she leads writing workshops and coaching sessions, which are characterized by their high share of the exercise and practice. The journalist and author is also lecturer for adult education at the University of Hamburg. Their numerous customers include medium-sized companies, PR industry and the industry. They appreciate especially its comprehensive text competence, as well as her appreciative and open manner. Links: to the “Basics of the press writing” Seminar Description: experts of I.O. BUSINESS management consultancy for text (management consulting, seminars, workshops, training, coaching): information of I.O. BUSINESS consultancy on the subject of PR, media relations and public relations: if you want to replace with an expert on public relations, media relations and public relations, take please simply contact us. Gunther Wolf I.O. BUSINESS Angel str. 6 (Villa of Angel) D-42283 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 (0) 202.69 88 99-0 E-Mail: Internet:

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