Series: The Customer Touch Point Management (part 5)

Controlling use of the clients on the intranet or on a corporate wiki can do that are all documented and enriched. The reflux must achieve above all the places for the feedback are valuable. If all desired works? Can do this offline – and online-based complaint reporting or appropriate process metrics will be used. Also questionable mystery shopping is used in some companies. These are undercover test purchases, where it is usually more about control from above as to constructive feedback. Much better suited to made intelligent customer surveys.

One can guess at most of customer as a controller, but never quite sure know if and when the customer at the point of contact thrilled just or not. Therefore touch point should be considered in the context of the customer individually management of every customer. This is however only possible, where there is a manageable number of customers. In industries with high volume business the touch points for individual customer groups must be considered be. Exemplary representatives of the respective target group can selected points of contact on a ten-point scale according to the disappointing okay inspiring ‘ evaluate and prioritize.

Then each point of contact can be dismantled in its individual features in a second step to deepen the survey. In this way you can develop a better understanding of the customer, differentiated respond to customer wishes and finally to draw investment into the customer’s key areas. However, it is to consider that customers don’t always know what they want, that they have no access to their true motives or in some cases misrepresentation also calculating erweise. Focusing questions focusing questions get to the point with a single question. So it is most likely closer the true motives of the interlocutor without him close to occur. At the management of point of customer contact, they sound so: what was it that inspired you the most at this point? What was it that has disappointed you most at this point? In the extreme, that massive dissatisfaction as well as in noble customer enthusiasm put the biggest innovation opportunities.

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