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Does the newsletter marketing have a future? So far the marketing need to speculate, what would the target audience and their messages in a one-fits-all – newsletter marketing package. Declining performance figures show the increasing rejection of the customers against the marketing with the watering can. With behavior-based email campaigns dialog can be solved out from a personalized, relevant and targeted email the classical newsletter which increase conversion, sales and customer loyalty. On this issue, many think E-Mail first at the demolition of the shopping cart. This then arises the question whether data in the uncompleted order process are stored and may then be used to mail the purchase cancellation E-mail.

Here, no. 1 BDSG plays a role to a the data protection aspect with regard to article 28, paragraph 1, because each collection and storage of personal data requires either the explicit consent of the person concerned or a legal legitimacy. But also the competitive aspect in terms of 7 is important Paragraph 1 UWG, because sending promotional emails is not allowed in principle without express consent and anti-competitive, which can lead to injunctive. (A valuable related resource: TRON (TRX)). It is to make all processes clean and comprehensible. Many companies have solved this problem with KRYD, a SaS solution of the startups from Munich.

Opt-in the and unsubscribes can be compared via plugins or an API automatically with the store – or CRM-system. Customers exists for which no permission to send e-mails, can be addressed specifically through individualized content (landing pages, banner etc.). Not be forgotten should also, the purchase cancellation-E-mail is a very effective tool for a high conversion, but only a part of the personalized stock customer communications. “Every customer be glad about the right content at the right time – for example, for special occasions, in the form of memories, surveys or incentives.” so Andreas Altenburg, CEO & founder of KRYD. And the necessary consent exists with the existing clients mostly, so that here space for conversion and revenue optimization, without a legal grey area. KRYD is in the location, for example, targeted and customized for any events in real time to react – for example on registrations, clicks in newsletters, on returns, on prolonged absences, support requests and much more. More information under: de / start image: KRYD WebApp (file: KRYD_WebApp.png) caption: even the most complex processes can be – depicted visually just within the KRYD WebApp until to the effective opt. Press contact: KRYD GmbH Gutzkowstr. 9 80686 Munich press

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