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In this case we are talking about rice, because the climatic conditions do not allow it to grow in the territory of Ukraine, Ukrainian consumers will not think your ration without a round, long and parboiled rice. Despite their similarities, each of these varieties of rice in its own way unique. The crown of the range of TM "The farm" is everyone's favorite sugar. Speaking candidly Lawrence Ellison told us the story. The origin of it must Ukraine's largest supplier of beet sugar company "Ukr-Agro". With many years of cooperation between the two companies identify customer Ukrainian sugar TM "The farm" with a high quality product at an affordable price. Before you prepared to eat grits, go to the shop on the packaging, it passes through the input control.

And there can be no compromise, only a high quality product that meets all necessary standards and standards will be allowed into production. Despite the fact that the direction of consumer goods has been working for many years, such rapid development, it was only last year. And all thanks to the fact that the founders of the company "Snack Export," despite the possibility of investing in new, more lucrative markets, gave a second wind towards consumer goods in the form of investment in new technology and equipment, creation and development of branches in Dnepropetrovsk Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv and Simferopol. Each branch of OOO "Snack Export" includes the production of packaging, service, quality control, and focus the team of sales representatives. The market has a number of packaged cereals features. Firstly, the most significant competitive advantage of packaged cereals is their price, and because the major competitors of TM "The farm" are many small regional producers, the difference in the price of 1 penny is a very significant obstacle to the consumer. Second, a packet of packaged cereals, compared with other products of "Snack Export" have a significant amount in a large mass, therefore, the development of new regions becomes difficult delivery to the customer a small lot.

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