Street Trading

Trading began to be built immediately to the base of the city, and grew up together remove. In the early 1800's it was just a nook in length neskolkokvartalov, bounded on one side of Piazza (now – pl.). It is such a favorable proximity to downtown and role in the future of the street. Extremely rich and diverse domestic chronicle of Commerce. Here, the incipient future citadel shopping Mariupol. Recall that etoobyasnyalos closeness to the marketplace. Not a single merchant or a visitor could not miss this place – all roads lead down kpristani.

A marina – this cycle of various commodities, it supplies good deals, in short, everything without which the trading life is dead. That is why the place is like Imani merchants and their capital. And if we take into account the fact that all torgovlyav Mariupol was concentrated in private hands – it becomes clear pochemuulitsa Trading was a tasty morsel in the heart of the city. If you glance at the statistics of the merchants, then in 1780 we find vsego144 merchants, mostly foreigners. In 1864 – 221 people dedicated sebyatorgovle. And for some 30 years their number sharply increases to 1,396 people (konetsXIX century). Not by chance "Geographical and statistical dictionary " Semenov (S-Pb., 1867) assured us that the indigenous inhabitants, the Greeks, "characterized by the spirit of trade", and "the main occupation of the inhabitants of trade. "How many of them settled in Commerce – is anyone's guess, but a lot

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