SYNAXON Trust Trust

Kleve, September 2007 – Gold, diamond or Platinum, were the most important points at the meeting last week in Bielefeld. Trust presented the latest retail concepts and was approved at the end of SYNAXON purchasing manager Jan Schwarzenberger: “we are pleased, trust to have a strong partner at our side. Our members can power mix offer an attractive price and their customers and thus excellent results”. Also Rene Batenburg, trust Sales Manager roof has great expectations: “we have for each operating mode the right concept. The SYNAXON members can check out three concepts that right to choose”. The cooperation can be felt clearly for all participating members in the future. Advertising flyer and SYNAXON sites, InStore-equipment and customised actions trust is attention increasingly on themselves. Also the in-house exhibition SynIT is used, the members on the trust level and to inform the workshop program of trade concepts..

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