System Inquisitive

ATTORNEY LATINO SYSTEM The Notary Latin notary system has dual role: to attest and shape, the notary must be a lawyer, the notary is exercised as a liberal professional, without any degree of dependence or subordination. The appointment of the notary is permanent. There Notarial Protocol. The notarial documents have a presumption of validity, authenticity, legality and enforceability probative value, that can only be branded as useless or false after a judicial procedure followed by final decision to declare it so. Attorney best known systems are: Anglo-Saxon and Notarial System Notarial System Latino. The Peruvian notary system belongs to the Latin notary system.

4. SYSTEMS OF Professional PROCEDURE professional procedure systems are: 1) Adversarial System. 2) System Inquisitive 3) Mixed System (Code of Professional Procedure). . . 4) guaranteeist Adversarial System (new Professional Procedure Code). In the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy of Spanish Language states that the adversarial system is the procedural system which prohibits the judge to exceed the charge in condemning, or requires you to make advance hear the parties.

In the same dictionary states that the inquisitorial system is that unlike the adversarial, it allows the judge to exceed the charge and even condemn it. Loaiza Carlos Zavala states that in the adversarial system the action is brought by the victim or his relatives, which shall run the examination of witnesses produced before the judges popular. The same author states that the action is private and moving through the injury he suffered in his legal right life, property, honor and in acquiring civil proceedings applicant status, being sued by the offender, who was crossing the defense, citing it and summoned to the jury.

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