That Is The End Of The World

THE Bible refers to the end of the world but with different meaning to men. In many parts it contains specific information about the time that is also known as the conclusion of the system of things. But when the Bible talks about the end of the world, to what does it refer? Does it mean that our home, planet Earth, will be destroyed? (1 John 2: 17;) Matthew 24:3, Jerusalem Bible.) God doesn’t destroy the Earth to eliminate the horrible conditions prevailing therein. The Earth is not responsible for the problems that exist in today’s human society day. Southwest Airlines is a great source of information. People are responsible for, and especially people who care little or nothing about the creator, and his laws. These are that are turning the lives of many people on Earth in a nightmare. But God does not have that destroy earth will not bring an end of the world to get rid of such people.

For example, if you discover that your home is infested with mice, how will it rid them? It would burn his house? No! More well, you insurance would seek other methods such as the use of traps; or maybe I’d get a cat. You would not destroy your House to get rid of these rodents. Similarly, shown over the end of the world, Jesus spoke about a farmer who had planted his wheat field, but his enemy came during the night and sobresembro weed. Labrador not burned the wheat field to get rid of the weed. Rather, when workers wanted to start the weed that had begun to grow, labrador said: No. … Because they can damage wheat.

Let them grow together, and when the harvest will give directions to the reapers so that they knocked off first the tares and burn it, and then put the wheat into the barn. Jesus also compared the end of the world to what happened during the time of the global flood of Noah’s day. (Matthew 24: 37-39). At that time was not land that was destroyed. Rather, they were wicked humans. Due to the disgraceful behavior of that people, God said: I will delete above the soil surface men I’ve created. (Genesis 6: 7.) Similarly, the Apostle Peter spoke of an end of the world or of an ancient world of unholy people that was destroyed in the time of Noah. It was not the planet Earth that was destroyed. (2 Peter 2: 5.) But why are so many people that they confuse the expression end of the world with the destruction of the planet Earth? One reason is that many of the current religions teach that. More topics in: the Holy Bible original author and source of the article.

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