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At the same time, PRAMAC Switzerland was also the filed module test the salt environment corrosion testing IEC 61701 “salt-fog corrosion testing” with positive results. This PRAMAC confirms also that its modules can be used in marine environment without risk of damaging the module. Thanks to these new certificates PRAMAC Switzerland is for its thin-film photovoltaic modules from immediately a 5 year product warranty grant, and offer an additional extension option to full ten years at an additional cost. 1 the initial performance of the module corresponds to 150Wp, which stabilized produces 125Wp (this corresponds to a module efficiency of 8.8%) “I am very proud on the reached results of PRAMAC Swiss work” commented Paolo Campinoti, owner of PRAMAC S.p.a. and added: “The newly obtained certificates demonstrate not only the capacity but also the reliability of our modules”. Check out baby clothes for additional information. PRAMAC Switzerland: A few months After the start of production, we are not only able to meet all requirements, but can also aggressively respond to the needs of the still fast-growing market. A production capacity of around 1.5-2.0 MW per month is currently possible due to our modern plant.

Thanks to the innovative thin-film photovoltaic module production technology of Oerlikon solar, thin-film modules can at a lower cost, compared to traditional production technologies of the “silicon wafer” modules are made”, said Cristian Cavazzuti Managing Director of PRAMAC Swiss SA. PRAMAC S.p.. A.: PRAMAC s.p.a. develops, produces and sells power generators world-wide, and operated industrial truck in addition it industry with forklifts and storage technology. The group is led by CEO Paolo Campinoti is also in the area of alternative energy sources, particularly with photovoltaic modules from the subsidiary company PRAMAC Swiss S.A. and wind generators from 400W to 5000W active. The PRAMAC group has 35 locations in over 20 countries in the Represented and large more than 800 employees worldwide. PRAMAC is composed of six production sites Spain, France, China, Switzerland, United States and a branch network of 26 sales branches. The Centre has its headquarters in Italy (in Casole d’Elsa, Siena), five more plants in Spain, France, China, Switzerland, United States and a branch network of 26 sales branches together. PRAMAC GmbH, Salian road 48, 70736 Fellbach website:, e-Mail:, Tel.: 0711-514429-0 / fax:-99

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