The Economy of Jeans

Many fortune seekers were arriving there from all over the world. Among them was a young Levi Strauss, son of a tailor. He has almost nothing with them were not, apart from a few meters of canvas. To somehow make a living, he began to offer tailoring services to order. Luck smiled on him. The first customer – the gold digger, became the owner of jeans from the Levi Straus, changed the life of a tailor, as in the following fashion and the world. Hearing about the wonderful pants quickly spread among the workers.

Not surprisingly, soon everyone wanted to buy This solid, well made and cheap clothes. Less than a year, as Levi opened his own shop for sewing jeans. Indigo jeans purchased, when Levi ran out of canvas: he began to use a dense blue twill fabric, imported from the port of Genoa. The word Genoese on bales Americans read in their own way – “Jeans”, to which is credited with the brand name. There remained only one problem: the disadvantage of jeans have been pockets. Case that workers are accustomed to wearing them nuggets and tools.

Trouser pockets also were not designed for heavy loads, they are quickly torn and worn out. But the decision to come soon It is interesting to note that this was a Russian immigrant, Jacob Davis, who came to the idea of using copper rivets to maintain their pockets. The decision was entertaining, but allegedly did not have enough money to patent his discovery. He turned to Levi Strauss, who offered him a deal. Thus, 20 May 1873 alone, they became partners and joint owners of a patent on the rivets. This day is considered the official birthday of jeans, most popular and versatile clothing nowadays, regardless of gender, age, social status or nationality. Over time, the miracle-pants appeared and the famous double orange stitching in the form of an arch on the back pockets (the hallmark of jeans Levi’s), and belt loops, and from inguinal rivets had to be abandoned. Each year, jeans are becoming more popular. Now hard to find anyone in the locker room who does not jeans. But once these pants called “the clothing of slaves and zoloiskateley. The history of jeans is a vivid example of how unpredictable fashion and how it may change with the invention, only one seemingly unremarkable man.

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