The General Prosecutor

Or this information is radically false and if so will the Royal family impose immediately a complaint for slander the publishers of both magazines or otherwise not leave me the accounts since the difference between what should have won the King with his salary since the year 1975 until today, assuming that you save entirely and that he spent nor a euro in nothing, and Fortune who say that it has is more than 1.5 billion euros two hundred fifty thousand million pesetas!.! Patricia Sverlo contained in a rey golpe a golpe (Ardi Beltza, 2000) that the King has saved 6 billion pesetas in Swiss banks, if things are distorted in the State. Why not is has sued the Royal House against this statement?. It is true that economic scandals have splashed on numerous occasions to Juan Carlos de Borbon and have served as evidence of the business that could be involved with entrepreneurs and persons of recognized honesty l: Javier de la Rosa, Manuel Prado Colon and Carvajal, Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos and Mario Conde. Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos reported having delivered billion pesetas to the monarch. The General Prosecutor’s Office of the State intervened by alleged you insult the head of State but never knew the worst is that no one can investigate within the meaning of the nonsense enshrined in already mentioned article 56.3 of the Spanish Constitution: the person of the King is inviolable and is not subject to liability. Officially not known the King no other activity rather than of the head of State to receive income. And ball point but, with all due respect to constitutional order and the figure of the King, to this humble columnist accounts still squaring him as much as his son-in-law Inaki Urdangarin have a sueldazo as Chief Executive of Telefonica, as much as her sister Mrs. Pilar de Borbon figure as administrator of nine companies and by far that yield telecommunications businesseshighways and oil his cousin Carlos de Borbon is dedicated to that. by Josele Sanchez Autor original and source of the article

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