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You may need know of new opportunities shaping up within your company, but by specialities the higher ups, you can position your Elf to become a candidate for new jobs before they are announced. Schmooze. Instead of finishing a project on deadline, finish it ahead of time. Then request new assignments or projects, or, better yet, suggest new projects. Become a utility infielder. Learn other people’s jobs and responsibilities and jump in and help out if needed.

Don’t keep your talent to your Elf. Let your boss know by e-mail about the progress on on initiative you started. This’ll come in mobile during your next interview. 3. build a reputation. Develop a specialty. Create a name for yourself. Get known for righting ailing businesses or scouting new talent front door often get a reputation beyond their company’s.

Find a key talent or knowledge base needed in your field, make your eleven the expert, and take that reputation while networking with you. Step up and let others know what you’re great at so they know where to go when they need expertise like yours at their company. 4. don’t be afraid to ask. Employers always have more money to keep their best employees from leaving. Don’t be afraid to ask for what your worth. Facebook describes an additional similar source. Discuss the major initiatives you’ve taken and point to your impact on the company. Then ask for a raise, but don’t specify on amount. Let the boss make the first move, offering you a typical raise of around three to four percent. Don’t be afraid to say: “Thank you, but I what hoping for something more. How about a twelve percent raise?” Aim high. Your boss might bargain you down to that ten percent you really expected. 5. be flexible. Think about job security. Does your employer to see you as on important employee, especially around layoff time? Make yourself irreplaceable. Be willing to travel or relocate, be accessible at any time, look good, and be likeable and helpful. Unfortunately, layoffs still happen to even the best employees. So build some savings just in case you loose your job. Most experts recommend having three to six months worth of living expenses available for emergencies. Stay positive, and good luck!

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