The History

“Now, choose the gradient tool and gradient round in the range” from. The gradient tool should be applied now so long after personal assessment on the texture layer, until the desired image effect is achieved. 6 color adjustments to the entire effect increasing step, it is advisable to emphasize in particular the lips of the person in the photograph. To enlarge your view with the zoom so far that the lips are depicted as large and over the entire working surface. Now select the magnetic Lasso”(L) to completely surround the mouth.

Depending on the attention to detail it might need it, after the mark with the command”? Change selection”? Complete”the selection to optimize. We recommend you set the pixel count on 1-5, to achieve an optimum result. Your selection should then with a matching shade of red (E.g. #6D2806 or #7 b 0000) are filled. “” Select to edit “-> area fill”, fill the selection with your desired hue. Step 7 to soften the contours a little blur select the blur of the toolbar and drag the mouse pointer over the image area that you want to blur. 8 blood add a scary zombie with no blood is no zombie step! To do this, simply create a new layer and select the desired red as the foreground color.

Then draw the line that will later represent the history of the blood with the shape tool (P). This effect is the easiest way to a mouth or an eye is optically to apply. Then click on the layer mask with the right mouse button and then choose the Rasterize command level”. The mode of the line on colour should burn a possible real effect,”be set. Step may be necessary 9 light and color effects depending on the composition, colours a little the gloomy scenario to fit the entire environment. This can be used the existing photo shop filter or just small changes to the brightness or contrast. Using the command variations”desired color changes can be quickly and easily on the entire image use. Step 10 Finish experimenting a little with all facilities, providing you to Photoshop. You’ll see that small changes can often lead to an unprecedented image effect that will inspire you. Should the final the final image in the * Save .psd format, to enable the layer structure and a subsequent further processing.

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