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A when you consider that analysts (eg, agency Displaybank) estimated the total world market for High definition televisions in nearly $ 20 billion, the global TV brands have something to fight. Of course, Russia today as it was, and remains so even the empire of cathode-ray televisions, for example, the percentage of TVs 40 inches and above, as LCD and plasma with a resolution matrix Full HD (estimated Panasonic) is not more than 5%, but Sales trends show a sharp increase in sales of flat panel devices bolsheekrannyh. Forecasts say about the upcoming price cuts for both LCD and plasma TVs on. According to analysts at iSuppli in 2007 the world will be sold to 75.2 million LCD TVs, which is 42.7% more than in 2006, in 2008, believed to iSuppli, sales of television sets will be 100 million. Sales volumes, in turn, will increase investments in the same production, which will cause more great wave of cheaper-inch big screen. Analysts working with the Russian market, emphasize that the increase in demand for large TVs the size and resolution will contribute to the massive sales of HD DVD players Russian and Russian-language TV Movies, which is expected to start selling in April, the first fully customized HD DVD player from the company Toshiba. This will also help to launch in Russia and three plants replication of discs for this format. Let me remind you, the player will sell for 20,000 rubles, and the movie discs at 500 rubles. To increase the interest of buyers in major cities will be affected and the development of digital cable television networks in High definition signal.

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