The King Salomo

And again remember their words when my step hallo proposals that look tempting and safe. Contact information is here: Gary Kelly. My immediate thought: what is behind all this?. When we take a time to assess the steps that we take, two things will no doubt happen: we will re-assert the decision or to measure the consequences, we decided to stop and return to discover that the end of the road we can find negative consequences that steal our peace of mind, and of course, will affect your dealings with others. The Bible recommends always to advance toward a goal, guiding and decide in time to pull ourselves if we recognize the danger that encloses our walk: you do not deviate to the right or to the left; It separates your foot from evil.(Proverbs 4: 27)-is preferable to resign in time, leaving aside all fear which will say, rather than move forward to later repent a lifetime. I do not know what path is following, but I invite you to examine it carefully. Think that our present decisions affect our tomorrow, and which today are the product of the determinations we made yesterday.

2. Always stay alert true Saturday a construction worker was returning home. You should make a detour of three blocks to reach the highway, and in that direction, arriving home, past 30 minutes. Loneliness came over the entire sector. Camino a soccer field empty, distant from the cellars and houses he saw, but that would help shorten distances. He thought for a moment take this shortcut.

But towards the end of the stretch, a man sitting with neglect, made him think that possibly and taking advantage of the solitude of the place, may be a victim of a robbery. Then follow the path always, that in addition to safe, it was known he preferred. The King Salomo wrote a recommendation that we should never forget: the wise man fears and departs from evil (Proverbs 14: 16 to).

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