The President

The ancient city of Santiago that remained standing after the earthquake of 1983 still stands, in change, the new city, the skyscrapers, which we characterized as a symbol of model country of the Jaguars of America, cities business, elevated highways, bridges and road knots, World Cup stadiums, avant-garde hospitals have fallen or are by fall if already not have done it with each replica. It is almost surreal to see centuries-old churches, dilapidated public buildings from former times of austerity and poverty, an underdeveloped Chile, are there, standing, as saying to all voices, don’t forget your past, what we are today is by what we were yesterday. The Chile of today forget its history, its tradition its past, watches the churches before marking the passage of time of the cities they are detained, not today by the quake, but that from many years ago, when Chileans us we believe different tracking and we forget our roots and humble, austere and solidarity and leave you looking at watches of the churchesto look at our own time, to set a single seasonality, petty, improper. Hopefully the consciences of all those responsible for so many deaths to find peace in the repentance and the repair of the damage caused. Today all us We dress in the robes of being supportive to deliver money, food or part of our time to raise or collaborate in the reconstruction of the devastated areas, but how do we rebuild our souls dark, selfish, faint-hearted? The President was wrong, because the Navy was wrong, because the ONEMI (national emergency Office) was wrong, because the fire department Commander of Talcahuano was wrong. This country was accustomed for decades to search for culprits, the dictatorship was the answer to many sins, that a great majority of them were certain, Ministers were the target of the opposition to blame in education, in health, transport, then once found guilty, all rested victorious because we had won our trophy, but in the light of current eventsthat it serves to find the guilty makes us feel less guilty of our apathy?.

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