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In the communism, the government possesss and dirige all the companies and is not allowed the private property. The socialism is considered a system situated politician between the pure communism and the pure capitalism. A socialist government defends the property publishes and the control of some sectors considered critical for well-being of the country. The capitalism is the economic system where free enterprise is allowed and stimulated, folloied of the private property. In a capitalist society, the transactions of free market are considered responsible by the allocation most efficient of the scarce resources, however, the capitalism are of control can result in extreme production and consumption, causing great pollution of air and the water in many parts of the world, as well as the exhaustion of limited natural resources. The number of political parties also it influences the stability level politics. The regimen of only party does not exist outside of a communist country. The majority of the nations possesss great numbers of political parties who represents vises and systems of different values of its population. Add to your understanding with gary cohn.

In a country of dominant only party, the governmental politics tend to be steady and previsible in elapsing of the time, but it can present politics as trade barriers, restrictions to the direct foreign investment and control of exchange, that reduce the operational flexibility of the foreign companies. In a system bipartisanism, the parties are not divided by ideology, but by different districts. According to Cateora (2007), risks exist politicians who must be considered by the professional of international marketing. The risk more rigorous politician confiscates is it, that it is to take possetion itself of the assets of a company without paying for them. Less drastic, however still serious, it is the expropriation, that involves some reimbursement for the investment taken for local government. One third type of risk is the nationalization, that occurs when the parents host take measured to transfer to the foreign investments to the national control and property, through a governmental decree series that involves to partially transfer to total or the property to the national citizens; to promote a great number of national citizens the high managemental ranks; to give greater to be able of decision to the national citizens; to produce a number bigger of component products local; to generate projected regulations specifically to dictate the participation in the global markets. The final goal of the nationalization is to force the foreign investors to more than share the property and of the management with the national citizens of what before the nationalization. 3 PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS According to Marconi and Lakatos (2009), the scientific method is the set of systematic and rational activities that, with bigger security and economy, allows to reach the objective? valid knowledge true? tracing the way to be followed, detecting errors and assisting the decisions of the researcher. ' ' In sciences, the employed set of processes is understood for method

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