The Scheduler

The manufacturing control system Fekor developed by FLS for the food industry with its industry-standard requirements taken into account peculiarities as the freshness of the products or the caps by seasonal peaks and of course costs for equipment cleaning. Plans will not only the optimum production process, it reduces also the cleaning time in a course without further manual intervention. The Scheduler is relieved and has work time when unforeseen events to act immediately and at the same time cost effective solutions. Features reduce the amount needed for each step of the planning Fekor rated all cost factors of personnel, machinery and storage as well as productive and non-productive times and minimizes the total cost of the operation. Priority remains always, that adhered to the promised delivery dates be.

For minimizing the cleaning and set-up times, Fekor uses the article classification in contrast to the previously used Setup matrices. These FLS works with characteristics that are stored for each article. On some production lines, FLS has realized a halving of the cleaning and set-up times with this method alone by the optimal combination of the production order. No other provider is known the author, which is the subject of setup time optimization in this way. A project at a client shows drastically reduced cleaning times in the food industry, what high benefits of the classification: a cleaning process no longer required after the packaging of products containing honey, he wins four production hours, when switching on baby food more than six and after packing of poppies about three hours. In a similar project, initially five characteristics have been developed. After some test runs were added two more, then the optimal sequence was achieved. The development of features took about half a day to complete, then the characteristic values were associated with the individual articles. In sum, the analysis reduced makeready times by 35 percent.

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