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The institutions have called these services or sectors of ' ' education continuada' '. The Services of Nursing, by means of the sectors of continued education, come developing innumerable programs of training, so that its team acquires new knowledge, abilities and abilities (FOLLADOR and CASTILHO, 2007). In an emergency boarding, if it becomes critic to know in few minutes if the alterations are related to the emergency and which of them already were gifts for other illnesses, evidencing the importance of the training of the health team that the institution of long permanence takes care of. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gary Kelly offers on the topic.. The team of nursing when acting in the critical cares, beyond using the interventions of nursing, needs to have a solid base of knowledge and abilities of critical thought, that allows to visualize the patient as a holistic being, similar of that it makes the determination of the interventions appropriate to solve questions clinical (MORTON et al., 2007). In such a way, importance of the continued education, that comes with strategies that a training makes possible, stimulating the one practical becomes it most efficient one and constructing the critical thought in the analysis of situation.

To take care of of aged institutionalized are one practical complex, and to develop education continued in the institution of long permanence, are a difficult action on account of the overload of activities, being important to plan it carefully (IT HISSES, et al., 2008). METHODOLOGY Is about a descriptive research, that was carried through in four located Institutions of Long Permanence for Aged in the Zone of mining Mata. The participants of this study had been 12 nursing technician who worked in the Institutions of Long Remained for Aged, and that they had accepted to participate of the research. The anonymity was guaranteed, as well as the freedom of if to refuse to be part of the research, at any time, desired it to case.

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