The Weather Company Breathable Rain Suits

To predict the weather expert is based on indicators such as the shapes of clouds, wind direction, the features of the Sun, Moon, stars, fog, the dew in the morning, the rainbow or hail. The behavior of animals is also used as a forecast of rain, so we have the appearance of winged ants, the orejeo of mules, which the pigeons from bathing, washing the cat’s face, singing of the cock that day (time may change ), dogs that run and jump (senal wind). Although it seems feasible, people also had to do with the prognosis, if you have itching or doliera an old scar, it would be possible change of time. Signs of rain could be cracks and sounds of furniture, the soot that falls from the chimney, I smell of drains is sowing ‘twisted’, moisture in the tiles of the rooms, the branch that ‘weeping’ to be dry, and so on.
The expert Caba uela (in Spain), usually in the habit of a ‘person of the field’ (farmer or shepherd), normally used only watching the first 24 days of August each year during its course to predict how long which will be enjoyed over the next twelve months, with the first twelve days forecasts months in ascending numerical order (1 August, September 2, etc.). and the second twelve days, the forecast months in descending numerical order ( 13 July 14 June, etc..) being known in recent days as the returnees, as follows:
Day 1-12 are rising in the months starting from January 13-24 are declining starting in December
After day 25-30 are taken every 2 months up to 1 day
Day 31 takes two hours each month in descending

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