TOS Price

Usually the price is $ 0,015 and the number will grow from 10 to 15. Total $ 0.225 get a day, $ 6.75 per month or $ 81 per year. Secondly, we must seek and attract referrals. Referrals – these are people who registered on the site on your link. They become your direct referrals.

Now a little about referrals. Sites provide additional income from each referral, which you refer. For each click of your referrals you gain depending on the sponsor and the status of your account from $ 0.005 to $ 0.0125. For example, if you have a referral and sponsor pays $ 0.01 per click it, your income will increase to $ 0.1 per day, that is a factor of 2. What if you caught 10 or 100 referrals? Income will increase accordingly to 10 or 100 times! So it will be a $ 36 * 100 + $ 36 = $ 3636 per year – a very decent amount! Plus, if you do upgrade your account, it will increase revenue and referrals from another 25% .. 50% and then get at least $ 4500 + $ 81 = $ 4581 per year! Thus, to look for referrals, but it may be difficult to do that? The first option is to involve their friends, offer to make friends or classmates VKontakte, send to ICQ, to post on Forums … If you can not attract referrals, there is another option – you can buy them. Almost every website selling referrals. Click Phil Vasan to learn more.

Typically, the purchase price in terms of a referral is about $ 1, but in most cases, referrals are sold in blocks of 5/10/15/35/50/100/500 … (The minimum package price of a referral can be up to $ 2). Also, some sites include a small number of referrals to the package upgrade your account (ThinkBux and CrewBux). Some sponsors offer a monthly rental package referrals. Also bear in mind that buying referrals, you can not influence their activity. According to the experience of active referrals comes from 50% to 80%. If the site sells only active referrals, there is no guarantee that a day or two they will not stop clicking. Some sponsors offer a replacement of leased / purchased referrals, the price of the transaction is between $ 0.05 per month for rented referrals to 1.5 $ of the constant depending on site. Where do referrals for sales? Some people have registered on the website of the sponsor themselves or by clicking on the referral link, specially washed field 'refferer'. C Investment Partners explained all about the problem. It is from these people and form packages of referrals to sale / lease. So, without specifying the referrer when registering, the user does not lose anything and does not acquire. So if you decide to register with one of the sponsors listed PTC please use the proposed sites on this site. Now for the payment of your labor. Through electronic payment systems, AlertPay (now mainly used) or PayPal (less often an option for premium users, and less suitable for Russia than AlertPay). Payments. Total payment scheme is that – after a set minimum for the O (cashout) the amount (and sometimes of their own clicks), you order it and pay either instantaneously (Neobux, CentBux), or (in most cases) comes to the specified in the TOS period – from a few days to 2-3 months. Clicks register sites:

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