Traditional Games

We refer to those games that since long time ago are still enduring, passing from generation to generation, being passed from grandparents to parents and parents to children and so on, may suffer some changes, but keeping its essence. They are games that are not written in any particular book or bought in any toy (perhaps only a few elements). These are games that appear at different times and seasons, which disappear for a period and re-emerging. These can be found everywhere in the world. While there will be some differences in the way of the game on the design, use, or some other aspect, its essence remains. And it’s funny how all these games are repeated in the most remote places even with the characteristic mark of each place and culture. If we study these traditional games should not make one look very superficial.

They are unimaginable wealth when studied in depth and in its relationship with the culture of each region, the time it is played, people who played it. These particular features of the game environment account for a number of aspects socio-cultural-historical that help us understand them and understand the history and culture of our people. In investigating the origins of these games as they also see how each of these games comes in combination with cultural elements of the time, finding in general contained magical, religious, linked to the gods who tell us that these games were (and are) a mere hobby. Traditional games seem to be at risk of disappearing, especially in large cities and industrialized areas. We can see on the other hand, there are some emergencies of these games, which is imposed either by a particular time of year or as a fad that comes and goes after some time. Beyond isolated efforts were made to rescue these expressions play through various events focusing on these games, new editions of books that rescue and modalities in various parts of the world. In traditional games are a wide range of modalities play: children’s games and girls games, nursery rhymes, guessing games, never-ending stories, rhymes, games, drawing, toys, etc.. While some of these games seem to tend to disappear completely, a feature of them is emerging for a while, disappear and then reappear.

Some features that are repeated in almost all these games are: – are played by children the same joy of playing. – They are the children themselves who decide when, where and how to play. – Respond to children’s basic needs. – They are easy to understand rules, memorization and deference. The rules are negotiable, do not require much material or expensive, are simple to share virtually any time, anywhere.

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